Schema Pro

Boost SEO with Schema Pro Schema is a markup language you can use as part of your SEO strategy. Developed by by the large search engines, Schema standardizes your site content so search engines can view and “understand” it better. This makes it easier for them to display it in rich snippets in search results! … Read more

Premium WordPress Tool Kit

Premium WordPress Plugins Tool Kit I’ve been working with WordPress (and therefore, WordPress Plugins) since 2014. There is a huge community of contributors offering all kinds of tools to help you use it in new and creative ways – but it’s hard to know what the quality and structure of those tools will be before … Read more

As You Go Service

As You Go Service Running into trouble setting up your site? Want help restructuring it without committing to a full project? You can hire me by the hour (billable in 15-minute installments) to help you work on your WordPress site.  This can include populating any of the tools you purchase from me with your details … Read more

Site Build

Site Network Site Build As fun as wading through the DIY forums is when you’re building yourself, it’s not always the most efficient use of your time. Why not delegate that work to someone else? You may have tried to hire a developer already only to be left with a half-baked site (or no site … Read more

WP Portfolio

WP Portfolio WP Portfolio is a plugin that adds a portfolio item type to your WordPress back-end. With a simple shortcode you can display a portfolio with filter options at the top anywhere on your site.  Select which categories of items are displayed, how many items and in how many columns – it is very … Read more

Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor

Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor is a plugin based off of the popular page builder, Elementor. It provides several more widgets, extensions, templates, and section blocks to use when building pages. Setup Process 1 – Install Ultimate Add-Ons for Elementor We install the plugin and add my developer license key so you … Read more

Hustle Pro

Hustle Pro This is a WPMU Dev Premium plugin. Hustle Pro is a marketing plugin that lets you set up pop-ups and slide-ins to prompt users to do something on your site. Want to collect email list subscribers? Or perhaps advise users of a sale? Hustle Pro lets you pop the forms or information up … Read more

SmartCrawl Pro

SmartCrawl Pro This is a WPMU Dev Premium plugin. SmartCrawl Pro is a plugin that helps you optimize your site’s SEO. It will analyze your site and provide recommendations, and help you action those recommendations. See the readability score of your pages/posts, update the meta titles and excerpts for them to change how they appear … Read more

Defender Pro

Defender Pro This is a WPMU Dev Premium plugin. Defender Pro is a plugin that assesses your site’s security with scheduled security scans. It offers recommendations to improve it and helps you implement those recommendations. Defender can also log site activity so you know who did what and when, add 2-factor authentication for extra secure … Read more

Smush Pro

Smush Pro This is a WPMU Dev Premium plugin. Smush Pro is a plugin that compresses and optimizes the images you load into your WordPress site. This will help your site load faster.  It can serve your images up in NextGen formats for even better performance!   Setup Process 1 – Install Smush Pro We … Read more