need a website?

Not "techie"? No problem. I help small businesses get online.

For Small Business

You probably know you need to get yourself online. As a small business owner you’re already wearing every hat in your business – you may not be excited about learning yet another industry to get this gig running…

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make the most of getting your business online. Let’s work together – save time & headache (and time is money, after all).

1) Domain (What Your Site’s Called)

When you want to go to Google, you type “” into your URL bar. Your site will need a name too. We’ll register and point your domain to the right place.

2) Hosting (Where Your Site Lives)

We’ve got you covered for hosting, priced competitively with the other “big” providers (except with us you don’t get a different human every time). 

3) Site Build (The Site You See)

We’ve got some amazing site building solutions to help us get your site up faster, and to help you change your site more intuitively. You’ll love it as much as we do!

Proudly Supporting

We believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves.
See some of the causes we are supporting here!


A group of Toastmasters passionate about Youth Leadership in Alberta, Canada. They facilitate sessions throughout their city.

Clear Tin

Bringing much-needed infrastructure to rural communities in Bangladesh – such as wells, toilets, and roofs for houses!


A charitable micro-loan service that helps bring opportunity to people wanting to expand their businesses & lives.