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Who Are We

We have been working with WordPress since 2014; we have assisted many clients, created many sites, and discovered many tools. Now my expertise can help you!

Our Mission

To create and consolidate websites for small businesses so that they can regain control of their digital assets while showcasing their impact to donors and stakeholders.

What We Do

6-Step Site Process


Site Assessment

I will look at your existing site structure & assets and compile them into a report with notes about ways forward based on what you already have.


Site Map & Plan

We will create a plan of how best to move forward with your site design or redesign, including the new site structure (content & assets required will depend on this).


Asset Consolidation

This commonly includes recovering hosting & domain access and moving all of your digital assets into one place with bundle billing.


Draft Site

At this stage the site will be drafted. We can make changes to get it exactly as needed before going live.


Deploy / Go Live

The new site will go live and/or overwrite the existing live site. Your clients can now browse the new content!


Maintain & Update

We can work together to keep your site up to date. See package options under services.

Some Numbers

Let’s work together!

Started Helping Clients
Premium Tools Acquired So Far
15 +
Businesses Helped

Why Choose Us?

You want a responsive web service with clarity and protection of your digital assets.

We will put together a report so you know where all of your digital assets are. Losing track of credentials and portals is a very common confusion/problem for small organizations.

Leverage my experience with WordPress to get a better site put together, faster, while avoiding common oversights.
I have access to premium themes we can use to quickly deploy a beautiful, mobile responsive and fully customizable site to meet your needs.
Gone are the days of losing track of who was last in charge of your digital assets – always have a point of contact for your website needs.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Reach out and we can start the process to consolidating your assets and building you a great site!