Premium WordPress Tool Kit

The Best Tools For Your Site

I’ve been working with WordPress (and therefore, WordPress themes & plugins) since 2014. There is a huge community of contributors offering all kinds of tools to help you use it in new and creative ways – but it’s hard to know what the quality and structure of those tools will be before you use them.

I have compiled my favourite tools and acquired developer subscriptions to them. They are now available to you as a discounted bundle that includes use all of the below premium WordPress plugins on up to 10 sites.

Premium WordPress Plugins:

Other Preferred WordPress Tools:

Setup Process

You get access to ALL of the plugins above, but if there are some that you don’t expect to use right away, we can hold off on installing them to keep the storage space your site is using to a minimum and lessen the possibility of site vulnerabilities. We’ll install and activate the ones you need to build your site.

I will reach out to get the credentials to your website so we can install the plugins and add licenses for you to get access. 

Once installed, you can start using your plugins to build out your site! If you’d like assistance with this we can do a build or re-build together or you can request As-You-Go Service

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