As You Go Service

As You Go Service

Running into trouble setting up your site? Want help restructuring it without committing to a full project? You can hire me by the hour (billable in 15-minute installments) to help you work on your WordPress site. 

This can include populating any of the tools you purchase from me with your details and content, building out forms or pop-ups, security and speed review, Schema setup – it’s service a la carte!

Service Process

I will need an admin user to the site(s) you want me to work on. I recommend creating a new separate user for me instead of giving me your current username/password. I will let you know what username will be best (to help me keep track). 

When I have access, let me know what you need me to do on your site. As I go through I will track time. I may also see recommendations or other things to fix and will let you know if that is the case. We can work this way until your hours are used!

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