CleanTalk Pro

CleanTalk Pro

When you build a website you will quickly find bots submitting comments or form entries. Not fun.


One time I was assisting a non-profit with their website, and they had over 8000 spam comments being held for manual moderation! The WordPress back-end by default only shows ~20 comments at a time… Yikes.


This led me to look into anti-spam solutions, and I found CleanTalk! It is cloud-based and invisible to visitors (no captcha required!) using algorithms to ensure reliability and accuracy against bots.


If you’re sick of spam and ready to spend less time moderating garbage comments and form submissions and more time dealing with ACTUAL clients, let’s get this hooked up to your site.

Setup Process

Install the plugin, free on the plugin marketplace from the back-end of your site.

We will generate and enter a license key for your anti-spam. I will do this on your behalf if you have purchased with the tool bundle or a build.

You will see less spam filtering in immediately! Stop those pesky moderation emails from filling up your inbox.

Case Studies

How Do I Get This?

Directly / Standalone

$12.00 USD per year

Get My Tool Kit

$120 CAD per year

Build With Me

By Project