What Is An SSL Certificate?

SSL Stands for "Secure Sockets Layer"

It establishes a secure connection between your visitors and your website so the communication between them is encrypted (protected). Ie. you don’t wave your personal details around for everyone to see (which is basically what you’re doing when you communicate online without SSL). You need an SSL Certificate to transmit information securely. Varying levels of them are included with our annual service packages. 

SSL Validation Types

One of the things your SSL does is validate YOU! So that your clients know they are dealing with a legitimate business. There are three levels of identification you can choose from for your SSL Certificate.

Domain Validated

Organization Validated

Extended Validation

SSL Certificate Types

Depending on how many domains you have that need to be secured, you may need one of these typcs of SSL Certificate.

Single Domains

Encrypt a single domain name. Available with all validation types.


Encrypts multiple webesites on a single certificate. Available with all validation types. Can be combined with wildcard.


Encrypts a domain and all of its subdomains (eg. domain.com and sub.domain.com). Only available with Domain and Organization validation types. Can be combined with multi-domain.

Good To Know

Upgrade to Branded SSL

Most hosting services do come with free basic LetsEncrypt SSL, but it has various limitations (minimal authentication, safeguards, lifespans, and support) that make it suboptimal for business use. To start building higher trust with your clients and protect both them and yourself, proper SSL solutions with higher validation levels are recommended. 

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